How To Respond To Emergencies And Unexpected Situations As A Security Guard

Security guards have a critical job—they must remain vigilant, identify threats and respond to emergencies quickly and practically. It is their responsibility to ensure the safety of their clients, coworkers, and surroundings. There are certain protocols that must be followed in order to successfully respond to unexpected situations while on the job. First and foremost, […]

Investigating Thefts and Vandalism: The Role of Calgary Security Guards

The role of Calgary Security Guards in investigating theft and vandalism can definitely be of the most important in helping businesses maintain their properties. By actively patrolling areas and responding to any suspicious activity, Security Guards are able to deter theft and vandalism by putting potential perpetrators on notice that their activities are being monitored […]

Utilizing Cctv Surveillance To Monitor And Investigate Suspicious Activity

Utilizing CCTV surveillance to monitor and investigate suspicious activity has become a precious tool for law enforcement agencies, businesses, and private homeowners. Through the use of various types of cameras that are mounted in strategic locations, it is always possible to observe and record activities from a secured remote location from anywhere around the world. […]

The Essential Role of Security Guards in Maintaining Law And Order In Calgary

Security guards in Calgary have a crucial role to play in maintaining law and order. They deliver a first line of defense for the public, businesses, and properties, being positive crime and illegal activity are contained. Security guards monitor threats, suspicious behavior, and unauthorized access to premises. They observe activities in the vicinity and can […]


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