Shebbel Protection: First-class Security Solutions for Airports

Our highly qualified personnel have been trained to provide first-class airport security services, hoping to help aviation-related businesses in Calgary and its surrounding areas protect their logistics operations.

From pre-boarding checks to facility patrolling, we offer a wide range of efficient and effective security solutions for airports, airlines, private cargo carriers, and more.

Using only innovative tools and the best-trained security personnel, we guarantee that our high-quality services are fully tailored to our clients’ needs.

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We Understand the Importance of Your Business Security

At Shebbel Protection, we understand that our clients’ top priority is the safety of their passengers, employees, and aircraft. Moreover, we know the challenges and concerns that all-sizes airports may face daily.

Therefore, we strive to make a difference and offer only professional solutions backed by high experience and solid knowledge to enforce every airport’s safety and security requirements.

Personalized Solutions for Greater Effectiveness

Every airport is different. Also, no two aviation-related businesses have the same security plan.

We understand those facts. In response, our company provides our clients with personalized and individualized services to ensure that they get solutions that truly meet their particular requirements and are in line with their security objectives.

Our highly skilled team is willing to examine your organization’s security status and perform a risk analysis to offer some recommendations to improve your existing solutions.

Regardless of the airport’s size, we can do an initial screening to define the ideal security strategy for your business and determine the best ways to mitigate potential risks and threats.

Services Our Company Offers

To meet all our clients’ safety needs, we offer the following high-quality services for large, medium, and small businesses in Calgary and its surrounding areas.

Static Guard

Whether you need a team to keep the airport protected at all times or you are looking for a reliable professional to control access to its vulnerable areas, we can give you a hand! Our uniformed guards have been trained to provide the highest security level.

Shebbel Protection’s security agents are ready to monitor all areas in your facility, ensuring they can only be accessed by authorized personnel through well-thought-out special protocols.

Additionally, our guards can help determine potential hazards and develop an effective security plan to give you the peace of mind you deserve, even when you’re not at the airport.

Mobile Patrol

Shebbel Protection’s mobile patrol units can protect your facility from criminal acts.

These units often play a key role in successful security systems, especially in companies or large facilities that need permanent surveillance. Therefore, we make sure that our mobile patrol guards are prepared to face any threat at any time of the day.

Our mobile security patrol services can be tailored to your security plan’s parameters, whether you need guards checking a given perimeter at specific times or randomly.

Loss Prevention

Airports and other companies can be robbed at any time, running the risk of losing a lot of money.

Fortunately, with our loss prevention services, our aviation customers can keep their businesses safeguarded against incidents that could lead to financial or material loss.

If theft is a top concern for your brick-and-mortar business because you have valuable assets there, our loss prevention security guards can be your best allies.

What Our Security Services Can Do for Airports

Do you need to upgrade your pre-boarding controls? Do you think you should get professional support to secure vulnerable areas? In any scenario, Shebbel Protection’s services may be what you are looking for.

Our solutions can be tailored to your immediate and long-term needs, including:

  • Passenger screening
  • Camera monitoring
  • Security alarm inspection
  • 24/7 operational support
  • Non-passenger screenings for airline customer service personnel or flight crews
  • Vehicles inspection when entering secure areas
  • Content in cargo or passenger aircraft verification
  • Access control to the apron or other secured areas
  • Facility escort
  • Suitcases or checked baggage inspection
  • Cabins and baggage search
  • Around-the-clock facility patrolling
  • High-risk cargo escort
  • Response to security breaches, sudden threats, and other emergencies

With our trained personnel’s help, your airport premises will be more protected than ever, and you will be sure that criminal acts or other threats won’t put your operations at risk.

Why Choose Us

Our main objective is to provide top security solutions to all businesses in Calgary and nearby cities that need our assistance. In addition, we guarantee that:

  • Our guards are well-paid and motivated to do the best job possible
  • Each plan or solution we devise is adapted to your business needs and budget
  • Our security agents have First Aid and WHMIS certifications
  • We provide fully insured and bonded services

Do you think our airport security services are for you? Feel free to contact us or fill out our online form for more information.

Shebbel Protection cares about you and your safety! Therefore, we offer free risk analysis and consultation to all our potential clients. Call us today!


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