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Shebbel Protection: Personalized Security Solutions for Construction Sites

Working with construction security is not an easy task. There are materials and equipment that cost a lot of money. In addition, every operation should be monitored at all times.

If there’s vandalism, unwanted visitors, or trespassing, your oil and gas company’s security team must effectively take care of that, too.

Also, theft can happen due to external or internal agents, even if you are there.

Do you think you have a reliable security team to face those threats? That’s why hiring a top-notch security team is essential!

Moreover, construction sites are almost always active, many people are often involved in their operations, and materials regularly come in.

As there are many things to handle, you need a specialized team to keep a keen eye on everything.

Our Team Understands Your Security Concerns

At Shebbel Protection, we understand you need everything to run smoothly on your construction site. Therefore, our first step is to perform a detailed assessment of your requirements. This process allows us to develop a security plan adapted to your specific goals.

After the security audit, if there’s an emergency or hazard, our team will know what to do and how to keep your business running.

Moreover, if we observe any potential issue or danger, we will report immediately to your construction companies’ personnel. This way, they know what to do to keep your business safe.

Our services also come in handy if you have experienced vandalism or only want to improve your business’s security level.

We can personalize our offer to meet your security objectives. Therefore, you can be sure we will provide you with professional, specialized help and will face any potential hazard that could harm your company’s particular operations.

The Services We Offer

At Shebbel Protection, we provide high-quality services to clients in Calgary and surrounding areas. These are the options we give customers in need of a construction site security team:

Static Guard

You may need a security team to keep your costly materials in check or a group of professionals to make sure that your vulnerable access points are safe. Fortunately, we can help you with that!

Shebbel Protection’s uniformed guards are prepared to monitor all the areas in your construction site. Our agents will make sure that only authorized personnel can access specific places. Therefore, they always guarantee that your materials and valuable tools are safe and sound.

With the help of our security agents, you also don’t have to worry about potential dangers affecting your construction site’s safety. Instead, we will develop a personalized protocol to help you feel at peace.

Mobile Patrol

Criminal acts, such as theft and vandalism, can make a business crash. Unfortunately, statistics show that numbers related to construction sites are rising.

Therefore, a mobile patrol like Shebbel Protection may be the perfect solution for your security needs.

Our mobile units are an essential part of the security services we offer!

Construction sites are big places that need constant monitoring and often permanent supervision. We guarantee that our agents can handle any threat coming your way, regardless of when it arises.

The team can tailor our mobile patrol services to fit your needs, and we can adapt to your parameters and keep guard throughout a set perimeter or monitor your facilities at specific times.

Loss Prevention

Part of handling a construction site’s security system is to prevent possible threats from affecting the business.

Therefore, it’s not only about handling vandalism, theft, and other issues. A high level of security is also a matter of avoiding such problems before they emerge.

Our loss prevention services are what you may need if you want to keep your construction site safe against possible incidents. When these problems happen, they can lead to material or financial loss. Consequently, that can hugely impact your finances.

In order to avoid such a terrible scenario, our personalized plans will adapt to your loss prevention needs. We will evaluate your requirements and make sure that our security agents become your best allies to keep your valuable assets safe!

How Shebbel Protection Can Serve Your Construction Site Security

At Shebbel Protection, we strive to provide our clients with top security alternatives for your construction site. Therefore, our services are tailored to fit your needs, which is why we guarantee the following outcomes:

  • Our security agents will monitor any equipment at your site
  • Each of our mobile patrols is specialized in perimeter enforcement and will be there any time you need them
  • All our experts are ready to mitigate safety issues and prevent them
  • We can work with you to develop effective security protocols

Since our company aims to give you personalized solutions, all the options we offer are adapted to your budget as well.

Moreover, our services are fully insured and bonded, so you can fully trust us!

Contact Shebbel Protection Now!

Are our construction site services for you? If so, fill out the online form to get more information about them or contact us. Shebbel Protection cares deeply about your business’ safety, so we are ready to work with you and develop the best-personalized security plans.


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