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Trustworthy Residential Security Services Provider

Residential properties can also face many security risks, especially theft.

Therefore, if you want to have peace of mind and be sure that your house or apartment is protected even when you are not there, you must rely on a security team.

Do you want to know if you can rely on us? Read on to find more information about our services!

Services We Offer

These are the services you could get if you hire us!

On-site Security Personnel

In order to offer the appropriate solutions and guarantee residential buildings stay safe, our staff is made up of highly qualified individuals with extensive knowledge of best security practices.

While security guards are not very common on smaller properties, you should keep in mind that we can help you regardless of its size!

In addition, our services can be tailored to larger residential properties, including apartment buildings, condominiums, and more!

Mobile Patrols

Our company has a mobile patrol service for all residential customers who need a hand to take care of their properties.

Besides making inspections at specific times according to the client’s requirements, we can also do night patrols to guarantee that your valuable house or apartment is safe.

Our mobile patrol guards can also address every potential hazard that may arise.

Are you worried about the thieves that often stalk the city? Remember that our mobile patrols can provide the assistance you need so that your properties are secure.

Loss Prevention

No homeowner wants their property to be at risk from criminal acts. Fortunately, most can rely on our services.

Our trained guards go to great lengths to prevent losses from theft or other criminal acts that may hit your apartment, house, or condo.

In addition, we are ready to adapt our prevention services to your immediate needs.

Our guards can perform an audit to identify potential risks that could cause losses and provide the best solutions.

How We Can Help with Your Residential Security Needs

You deserve to live in a place where you know you won’t suffer the consequences of violence or unsafe conditions.

Our team is ready to cover your residential security needs and ensure that you and your loved ones are always safe.

Since our security agents are uniformed people, they will cover all vulnerable access points at your residence and make you feel safe.

You can put your faith in our experts because they’ve been carefully trained to handle any danger that may arise.

Moreover, they will provide you with high-quality security responses in any scenario, regardless of whether a real danger approaches or if it’s just a false alarm.

These are some of the things we can do for your residential properties:

  • Parking and landscaped areas enforcement
  • Entrance access control
  • Access control of visitors or other vehicles
  • Security escorts
  • Mobile patrols at night or at defined times
  • Security points in key areas
  • Audit to determine the best security measures
  • A comprehensive plan to mitigate risks

Why Choose Us

Choosing us means you’re trusting prepared professionals who are ready to take on your residential security requirements and adapt to your needs.

Unlike other companies, we strive to provide you with a personalized experience.

If you are in Calgary or its surrounding areas, we can assess your situation and help you develop an effective protocol that will help you feel safe at all times.

Unfortunately, theft, breaking and entering, and many other dangers threaten the safety of people in their houses. You must make sure that you and your loved ones always feel secure under your roof, and that’s what we want to guarantee.

When you work with us, you get a highly skilled team. We’re willing to tailor our solutions to fit your needs, and we’ll perform a risk analysis and give you detailed results, along with some recommendations to improve the strategies you’re already using.

The size of your residence doesn’t matter to you. What we care about is your safety, so we will perform an initial assessment to identify the ideal protocol to protect you!

Contact Shebbel Protection Today!

Do you think we are the right team for you? Shebbel Protection offers high-quality, personalized security solutions for residential premises. We are ready to handle any threat that may arise, so fear not because our goal is to make you feel at peace!

Remember that our team members know all the techniques to keep your properties safe. Therefore, you can be sure that our security plan is everything you need to sleep peacefully at night.

At Shebbel Protection, we rely on security agents who are prepared to monitor every area in your residence. We ensure that only authorized people can access your place.

Moreover, we guarantee that no intruder will trespass on your facilities and put you and your loved ones at risk.

If you are convinced we can help you, don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form or contact us today. Let’s get started!


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