Loss Prevention


Our standing guards are a central part of our network of security services. Uniformed standing guards are there to provide a presence and ensure that your property is protected against loitering, graffiti, theft, crime and other activities that can drive customers away. Each of our guards is educated and trained to be professional, courteous and effective.

Loss Prevention Is a Key Element of Any Security Protocol. Get It Right With the Help of Shebbel Protection Security

Our clientele comes from a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. Therefore, their specific security needs vary greatly. However, one thing they all have in common is the need to maximize loss prevention.

Prevention of loss due to theft, carelessness, vandalism, or negligence is one of the most important functions of any security protocol. What differ are the methods used to achieve these targets, but the overall goal is the same.

No matter what industry you are in, if loss prevention is something you take seriously, call us today and let us draft security protocols tailor-made for your business or residence.

What Loss Prevention Means To Us

What we mean by loss prevention is the combination of all our various services in a bid to minimize or eliminate the loss of assets from your property. In that regard, loss prevention can be thought of as the most important aspect of our business.

How We Ensure Loss Prevention

Our specific methods for ensuring loss prevention vary greatly from one business to another. Some businesses require a subtle approach to security to maintain the positive image of the client, while in other cases, the risks and losses are so high that a more aggressive method is needed.

The following are the main features of our loss prevention protocols:

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile patrols are usually reserved for large commercial and industrial sites (although residential clients can request them too) where they have proved to be effective in combating criminal elements.

Using vehicles, our guards are tasked with patrolling entire perimeters or specific high-risk areas where added security is required.

Static Guards

Static guards provide the first line of defence against theft and break-ins. They also provide visibility, which is a good way of discouraging anyone who was thinking of stealing from your business.

Prevention of Criminal Trespassing

The larger the size of the property, the bigger the problem of trespassing becomes. As a measure against potential criminal activity, we take trespassing very seriously. 

Trespassing on its own may not result in any losses to the company, but it is the added risk of having unknown individuals loitering around the property that is of primary concern.

Putting up warning signs, securing boundary fences, and conducting routine patrols are some of the best ways to reduce incidents of trespassing.

Access Point Control

The main gate is the busiest and most vulnerable point on the entire perimeter. If you want to implement a proper loss prevention strategy, the gate is the one area that needs to be carefully controlled. 

Determining who is allowed in and out and even conducting vehicle and bodily searches, if required, are some of the best ways of improving access point control.

In most cases, when items are stolen by employees or other known individuals, they escape through the gate. This is why a lot of effort is put into ensuring that access point security is always alert and airtight. 

Customized Programs

Our different loss prevention programs are designed and customized to suit the client’s needs. The customization is usually dependent on the type of industry we are dealing with and the security goals of the client.

An example is a loss prevention plan being drafted for a large mining operation. In this case, things like regular mobile patrols, prevention of trespassing, and access point security are all very important. The nature of the mining industry as well as the high crime rate it is plagued with means that a very aggressive approach is required.

On the other hand, we have a client who owns a department store and requires a loss prevention protocol to minimize shoplifting. Here, static guards and access point control would be the most effective measures. 

Our guards will also be required to interact directly with customers; therefore a very subtle but effective approach will be required. This is why we train our guards to be courteous and friendly when dealing with customers so that they represent our and our client’s image in the best way possible.

Parking Enforcement

When dealing with very large parking lots, vehicle theft and vandalism can be a huge problem to the point that dedicated security measures are required to ensure the security of all vehicles in the lot.

Conducting mobile patrols, preventing trespassing, and ensuring proper access point security are some of the ways of safeguarding the parking area.

Looking for Professional Security Solutions? Call Us Now

Professional loss prevention solutions are just one call away. One of our experienced and friendly security specialists will help you decide which method of loss prevention is best suited for your business, as well as determine the best way to implement it.