Static Guard


Our standing guards are a central part of our network of security services. Uniformed standing guards are there to provide a presence and ensure that your property is protected against loitering, graffiti, theft, crime and other activities that can drive customers away. Each of our guards is educated and trained to be professional, courteous and effective.

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When it comes to minimizing loss from theft or vandalism, one of your greatest weapons is a uniformed security guard who is always vigilant and controls access to your property. Just their presence alone can be enough to deter would-be burglars.

However, are all security guards the same? No! If you want the best security services you have to be careful in your choice of security personnel. A lax and poorly trained guard can be the weakest link in your otherwise well-planned security measures.

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What Makes Our Security Guards Special

Our security guards are our pride and joy at Shebbel Protection. We have the highest level of confidence in their abilities to provide adequate security for your premises. If you are wondering why we rate our guards so highly, these are the reasons:

Well Trained

We do not cut any corners when it comes to training our security guards. The core values of our company are taught to each of our guards from the very first day. The result is a guard that has the highest levels of discipline and work ethic and knows how to handle a wide range of security problems. 

Up to Date With the Latest Surveillance Technology

The downside of the advancement in security and surveillance technology is that criminals also have access to it. This is why we are seeing the emergence of a different class of high-tech criminals.

At Shebbel Protection, we combat this by making sure that our guards are routinely trained in the latest technology so that no matter what happens they are always one step ahead of the criminals.

Well Compensated

Something as simple as giving fair compensation to our guards has ensured that they are ready and willing to do their best when it comes to keeping your property and assets secure. A satisfied guard is one you can trust to take care of your valuables while you are away.

  • First Aid and WHMIS Certified

You never know what sort of emergency will arise, which is why we make sure that our guards are prepared for anything by getting them First Aid and WHMIS certifications before we deploy them.

Honest and Trustworthy

Honesty and Trustworthiness are what have built our company to the level it is today. We ensure that all our employees know that any lapses in our core values will not be tolerated.

Services You Can Expect

Although our guards are very happy to go above and beyond the call of duty when needed, the following are the typical services you can expect on any given day:

Securing the Premises

The main reason you want a guard in the first place is to have someone keep an eye out and secure your premises. Using technology and advanced surveillance techniques, our security teams can provide the highest level of security that you need.

Identifying Risks

The satisfaction of catching a burglar is often dampened by the damage to property they would have already caused. The best thing to do is to identify potential risk areas and take steps to avoid them before they happen.

Our guards are highly trained to spot any behaviours or situations that place your property at risk.

Track Employee  Activities

Do you know that in a large number of theft cases it is the employees who are the culprits? While it is an unpleasant thing to not trust your employees or household staff, the fact is they pose the greatest risk to your premises. Our guards know this and will help address any security issues in this regard.

Emergency Response

It can be very frustrating when you see emergency response teams arriving well after the incident has already occurred. Our guards, on the other hand, are trained to be always prepared to respond at any time to any situation that may arise.

Interact With Visitors and Clients

Many people underestimate the value of having a well-disciplined, courteous, and friendly security guard. However, in most cases, it is the guard who is the first point of interaction with visitors and clients. 

If you choose poorly when it comes to the person manning the front gate, the reputation of your business can suffer greatly without you knowing why.

How To Get a Dedicated Security Guard On-site Today

Are you ready to have one of our well-trained and uniformed security guards overseeing the security of your premises? The process is very easy! Simply give us a call at 587 716 1365 and we will assist you.

Do not leave your business exposed to risk when all you need to do is pick up the phone and talk to us. Having a security guard on site is a small price to pay compared to the potential losses you may incur otherwise.